The Borg Collective are one of the most powerful Faction in The Star Trek Universe they appear in many Star Trek Games.

Game AppearancesEdit

The Borg in Star Trek Voyager Elite ForceEdit

The Borg are much like in the television Series they won't attack you unless they see you as a threat and after a few shots they adapt to your weapons except for the I-Mod which has an Infinite Modulation Range.

The Borg in Star Trek Elite Force 2Edit

The Borg in Star Trek Elite Force 2 are much the same as in Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. They added a Borg Boss that is bigger then a Drone and is not seen in the TV Series.

The Borg in Star Trek LegacyEdit

The Borg ships in Star Trek Legacy Are not Like Borg Ships in the TV series as they don't adapt to the Phaser and Torpedo Fire From Federation, Romulan and Klingon ships.

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